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flow meter,level meter
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Pharmaceutical Ingredients,Herbal Extracts,Formulas
Fuji, Hitachi, Juki, (KME), Yamaha/Assembleon(Phillips), Sanyo, SIPLACE(SIEMENS), Universal and Yamaha. Such as, feeder, nozzle, laser sensor, servo motor, driver, controller board, solenoid valve, ball screw, belt, cable, sensor etc.
Disposable labwares,test tube,pipette,tips,micrscope slides,cover glass,centrifuge tube,urine container
flowmeter level meter
organic chemical inorganic chemical DBNPA DBNE HBCD BRONOPOL etc.
organic chemistry inorganic chemistry DBNPA DBNE BRONOPOL HBCD etc.
duplex board grey back duplex baord white back duplex board kraft back folding box board
3-Layer Cast Polypropylene Film,CPP Film VMCPP Film VMPET Film
fiberglass duct rodder, cable roller, cable drum jack, cable pulley, wire grip, cable drum trailer, cable pulling equipment, wire and cable scissors, busbar machining tool, lifting tackles, security and insulated tools, etc.
Rubber Belt Drive Belt Rubber Drive Belts
Demo medical Syringes,Infusion Set,Medical Catheter,Diagnostic Implement,Medical Polymer products,Hospital Instrument,Medical Cotton,Disposable Non-Woven, Medical Gauze,Surgical Tapes,Medical Bandages,Sterilization Package,Dental Products, Foot Care products.
HDPE Geomembrane,LDPE Geomembrane,EVA Geomembrane,PVC Geomembrane,Hot Melt Gasket
coconut oil, fish maw, fish meal, cinnamon, lemon, nata de coco, vdelta
Led Module, Pixel Led, Led Dip, led 8mm, Led tube, Led Tube Driver, Led tube housing, SMPS
PVC Waterstop,Rubber Waterstop,Waterstop,Buried Rubber Waterstop
"Fresh pineapple, Frozen pineapple, IQF Pineapple pices or sliced Pineapple Juice Concentrate Canned Pineapple fruit - Size of each fruit: 0.8-1.2kg - Shape: Tidbits - Frozen pineapple IQF cut 1/2 - Colour: Yellow green"
TCCA, SDIC, Trichloroisocyanuric Acid, Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate, water treatment chemicals, swimming pool chemicals, Acido tricloroisocianurico, Dicloroisocianurato de Sodio, ICA, Cyanuric Acid, 3” chlorine tab, 3 inch TCCA tablets, Trichlor granules, Dichlor granules, Jumbo Tabs, 3” chlorinating tablets, Sulfamic Acid, Melamine Cyanurate, MCA, Aminoacetic acid, Glycine, sulphamic acid, aminosulfonic acid, fire retardant, flame retardant
shoe machine, shoe making machine, slipper machine, sandals machine, flip flop machine, eva shoe machine, eva slipper machine, rain boots machine, safety shoes machine, pu footwear machine, rubber sole machine, tpu sole machine, pvc sole machine, pp insole machine, canvas shoe machine, canvas shoes making machine, sports shoes machine, etc.
stainless steel wire screen printing mesh,five layer stainless steel sintered wire mesh filter cloth,woven stainless steel wire mesh cloth, welded stainless steel wire mesh, crimped stainless steel wire mesh screen,perforated stainless steel mesh, stainless steel wire for fiber lining cloth, for woven wire mesh, or special purpose,wire mesh filter elements,stainless steel wire rope mesh,stainless steel square wire mesh 304 ss,stainless steel wire mesh fireplace screen mat,zinc plated wire mesh fireplace curtains.
Shipbuilding Steel Plate,Marine Steel Plate,Ship Steel Plate Stainless Steel Plate Pipeline Steel Plate Weather Resistant Steel Plate Abrasion Resistant Steel Sheet Pressure Vessel Steel Sheet
LED gas station canopy lights, LED flood lights, LED high bay lights, LED street lights, LED explosion proof lights, LED tower crane lights
Refractory brick,fire brick,fire clay brick,high alumina brick,insulating brick,insulation brick,corundum brick,mullite brick etc other brick
pharmaceutical chemical,steroids,hormones,peptides
Anfang Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd. supply constructional binding wire,black annealed binding wire,book binding wire,galvanized wire,stainless steel wire,brass wire,aluminum wire,galvanized iron binding wire,small coil rebar wire tie,loop wire ties,u type binding wire.
Azamethiphos 95% Tech Azamethiphos 1% GB Azamethiphos 10% WP Azamethiphos 50% WP Cyromazine 98% Tech Cyromazine 1% Premix Cyromazine 10% Premix Cyromazine 50% WP/ SP Cyromazine 75% WP/SP Novartis
bicycle baskets,wire mesh storage basket,wire baskets,chrome plated wire basket,stainless steel wire basket,wire basket carts,mobile wire baskets,wire baskets for kitchen,warehouse wire cage,wire containers,wire grid,expanded metal grid,wire shelving,gabion cages,wire mesh shopping trolleys,wire decking,wire racks.
Air Inflatable Rubber Dam,Water Inflatable Rubber dam,Bookend Rubber Dam,Shield Type Rubber Dam,Spoiler Rubber Dam,Automatic Control System,Rubber Dam Accessories
Alkali Resistant (AR) Reinforced Fiberglass Mesh,Fiberglass Pavement Mesh and Tapes,Fire Resistant Fiberglass Mesh,Powder Coated Pet Screen,EIFS Construction Mesh Drywall Tapes,Wall Structural Reinforcing Fiberglass Mesh,Fiberglass Screen(Mosquito Control Net,Selvaged Insect Screen,Sun Shade Screen and European Style Portiere,Fiberglass Geotextile Fabrics / Cloth),Fiberglass Mesh for Cement Reinforcement,Fiberglass Geogrid,Fiberglass Fabric for Ducting,Fiberglass Joint Tape,Pleated Mesh Panels.